Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staying Found is Better than Being Lost!

All outdoor users should carry and know how to use a map and compass before they go off into the backcountry.  The first step in staying found is locating your position, and marking that position on your map, before you leave your vehicle or camp.  Then identify the boundaries that surround the area in which you will be traveling.  These boundaries could be prominent roads, railways, power lines or large rivers.  Preferably you should identify boundaries on all four sides of the area you will be in.  Having located yourself on the map and knowing the boundaries, you can then leave camp with the knowledge that, if you get lost, all you have to do is determine which boundary is closest and walk a straight line to it.  Then relocate yourself and return to your vehicle or camp.  Sometimes this can be a very long walk out! Read more to see how to "Stay Found."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Signal Mirrors – an often under appreciated piece of your survival gear

There may come a time when you will need to attract the attention of a rescuer.   It could be because your car has broken down and left you stranded miles from help.   You might be injured and unable to get back to family and friends.  You might be lost and have no idea which direction to take to get back to your vehicle or perhaps your camp.  In situations like these you need to be able to draw attention to yourself, to signal quickly and effectively.  Not being able to do so could place your life in danger.   With emergency signaling several things must be remembered.  First, if you haven’t left a trip plan with a couple of reliable family members or friends indicating what your intentions are, where do those who will be looking for you, search?  Second, if no one knows you are in trouble, your attempts to signal for help may be totally ignored.  Third, even if search and rescue personnel are looking for you it may still be very difficult to locate you unless you do something to increase your chances of being seen or heard. A good signal mirror can make your stay a short one!  Read more.