Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New class graduates

Another class graduated yesterday from the US Forest Service/OutdoorSafe Inc. Survival and Navigation training program.  Seventy-two hours of intense training in the methods of surviving an unexpected night out followed by seventy-two hours learning how to use a map, compass and the Global Positioning System to navigate around the back country effectively.   After five days the students walked away from the US Forest Service Heritage Center, Huson, Montana much better equipped to enjoy the outdoors and to survive in it should the need arise.

Here's what they said about the training:

"Very good course.  Teaches real world, practical skills."
"Very good training.  Used simple techniques that anyone can learn and use."
"Fantastic.  A very practical program which will save your life.!"
"Great.  A lot of practical application."

Contact Linda Carlson for information on next years class to be held 31 August - 4 September  2012

Ninemile Ranger District
20325 Remount Rd.
Huson, MT  59846
(406)626-5410  Fax: (406)626-5403

Blue crinkly tarp emergency shelter

Which way's home?

Instructor and student in plastic bag shelter

Platform and brace Fire

Learning the shortcomings of a space blanket!

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