Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaching Children What to DO When They Get Lost

There's not a lot of reliable guidance around for parents to refer to when teaching their children what to do if they were to get lost.  Gaye Grabill's book Jace Gets Lost goes a long way towards providing parents of younger children the knowledge they need.  The fifty-five page book begins with the story of Jace's experience when he walked away from his home and got lost.  The story, written at a young child's level of comprehension, with accompanying pictures, is a story that every parent should read to their children.  The story serves as a springboard for further discussion with your children on what they should do in the event that they ever become separated from family members on a outing.  Grabill even provides a list of topics to cover.  I recommend this book.  It is the only one of its kind that I know of. 

As Gaye says on her website "I decided to write my first book “Jace Gets Lost” when I looked for a safety book for little children telling them what they should do if they get lost in the woods - and could not find one.  With the generous help of North Oregon Regional Search and Rescue – NORSAR and Clackamas County Sheriff I put together Jace Gets Lost.  

As parents we hope that we will never be faced with a situation where one of our children is missing but it would be comforting to know that, if this were to happen, the child has been taught what to do.  Go one step further than just reading Gaye's book and talking about what to do.  Take your children to the woods and have them practice building a nest.  Make sure they understand the concept of staying in one place. Take them out at night, a dark night, and sit under a tree with them.  Let them hear the "night sounds" and then explain those sounds to them.  There's nothing more terrifying than a sound in the dark that can't be identified!  It is also a good idea to provide each child their own survival kit.  Parents should take heart in the fact that kids are a lot tougher than we sometimes give them credit for.  Spend some time with them now before a crisis happens and then, if it should happen, the outcome of the event can be a happy reunion.

For a copy of Jace Gets Lost and other books in the  Jace series contact Gaye Grabill at www.gayegrabill.com

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