Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Follow-up on Battery Leakage Problem

It is always a pleasure to have someone respond to my blog or other piece of writing with a constructive comment or addition to whatever topic I was writing about.  I received an email several weeks ago from Andrea Hill who had read a blog entry I wrote about leaky batteries.  Andrea had solved the problem!  She wrote "I found a great trick to keeping batteries in the actual device but keeping leaking from happening over long periods of inactivity.  I cut a small round of thin plastic (the cheap tupperware you get with lunch meat is a good thickness) and place it in between the battery and the connector to stop the phantom flow of electricity that circulates even when you aren't using the device.  Just remove the plastic piece when you are ready to turn it on!  I haven't had an issue since starting this."  Thank you Andrea.  I'm sure this suggestion will save a lot of battery powered electrical devices.

I am sure many of you who read this blog also have other great ideas regarding making our equipment work when we need it to work - and to work well especially when our lives are on the line.  Please feel free to send them my way.  I won't promise I will publish them all but will make others aware of your suggestions if they have broad application.  Sharp, well exposed photographs would be welcome too.


  1. Glad I could help! Learning from each other is one way we grow (experience being the other great teacher). I really enjoy reading your valuable advice. Thank you.