Sunday, May 19, 2013

When the Grid Goes Down

I have always admired Tony Nester's broad range of survival  knowledge.  My admiration was reinforced a month ago when I received a copy of his new book "When The Grid Goes Down" published by Diamond Creek Press. This is not Tony's first venture into the disaster preparedness arena having previously published Surviving A Disaster: Evacuation Strategies and Emergency Kits For Staying Alive." and his two DVD series Tony Nester's Practical Urban Survival.

The beauty of Tony's  recommendations is that they are "practical."  All too often survival books, with rare exception, are not very practical and advocate techniques and procedures that are difficult to learn quickly and even more difficult to employ when needed in a crisis.  Tony keeps it simple.

Here is a list of the topics he covers in the book:

- How to Create A Self-Reliant Home
- Water Storage and Purification Methods
- Food Recommendations and Storage
- A First Aid Kit That You Can Live With
- Home Security and Personal Defense
- When The Power Goes Out: Heating, Cooling, Lighting and Cooking
- Handling Long-term Sanitation & Hygiene Issues

This is not a large book, only 77 pages, nor is it an expensive book, only $12.95, but it is a book that strips away the fluff and deals with the practical, no-nonsense issues relative to staying alive when the infrastructure we have come to rely on is not functioning.   It is an easy read and if you follow his advice you will be well on your way to being better prepared When the Grid Goes Down.

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