Saturday, March 26, 2011

Survival Book Reviews: “Survive” by Les Stroud

Peter demonstrates firemaking  by rubbing two sticks together.
“Survive”  by Les Stroud.
I finally got around to reading this book and, for the most part, thought it a useful addition to a person’s survival library.
And then I got to the part where Les writes:
“A good signal mirror can also serve as a fire starter by reflecting the sun’s rays.” (Page 28)
How do you do that?How do you concentrate the rays into a spot hot enough to ignite tinder using a flat surface? A highly polished parabolic reflector can be used, but not a flat surface!
On one level, this kind of miss-information just irritates me. On a more serious level,  it angers me since it confirms for me that the writer hasn’t tested the process and has just accepted someone else’s information as factual!
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