Friday, April 8, 2011

Preparing to Survive in the Wilderness

Will you be able to improvise a shelter during an emergency?
One of the most important lessons I learned during my survival career is: “Those who are prepared to survive an emergency usually will, and those who are not prepared probably won’t!”
We don’t want to admit we might be the one faced with a life or death situation or some other equally disagreeable circumstance.
Denial leads the list of the coping methods that people use — we deny anything bad is ever going to happen.  It’s often easier to deny than to prepare for a difficult situation and, as a result, we find ourselves totally unprepared when disaster strikes.
Consequently the vast majority of people find themselves facing a cold night out without adequate clothing, without basic survival equipment and without having practiced building a fire, erecting a shelter or signaling for help.
To prepare, potential survivors need to consider three areas: Physical, mental and spiritual preparation.
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