Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stranded In an Urban or Wilderness Emergency: Now What?

The very word “stranded” brings to mind the story of Robinson Crusoe’s lengthy stay on his tropical island or the plight of the Donner Party. Or the experiences of the Uruguayan rugby team who survived a crash landing in the Andes as told in Piers Paul Read’s book “Alive” also come to mind.
If the truth be told, you can become stranded in far less exotic places!  You can become stranded, and find yourself having to survive, in the woodlot behind your home.; You can become stranded when driving to work or as a result of other scenarios where suddenly you are unable to continue - or to return to safety.
Unless you have experienced the emotions of finding yourself stranded a long way from help it is difficult to explain in words: The gut wrenching fear felt when you realize you can’t get back, you’re cut-off, you’re alone without anyone to help... YOU MIGHT DIE!
Let’s look at “becoming stranded” objectively, find  the problems faced by the victim and then identify some practical solutions to those problems. Click here to read the rest of the story.

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